Why must there be so much hate in the gaming community? Stephen Reid posted today that SGRAs (Same Gender Romance Arcs) would be implemented post-launch and the forums exploded in a virtual war between those for and against this concept.

I know that as long as there are at least two people alive, there will be difference of opinion, but why must we bash each other over these differences? Can we all not enjoy the games we play together peaceably?

I know I’m a little biased on this and certainly not the biggest fan of the anti-gay advocates, but those on the other side of the fence are not doing any better. There is fighting and insulting on both sides and it is literally making me so ill that, if I  read anymore, I might throw up.

Some theorize that this planned implementation is just a pacifier for the QQ that has been going on since SGRAs were confirmed as not being in at launch. I’ll give BioWare a little more credit than those who theorize this would. They knew exactly what would happen if they released SGRAs and, I believe, were ready for the rewards and consequences of such a decision. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t really thinking at all and has no sense of thought before action.

I know in the back of my mind that I should be happy for this announcement. Being a gay man myself, this should be a day of elation. I should rejoice that the game I am so looking forward to is including SGRAs and I can make a character like myself and have relationships accordingly. I am sad though.

This has caused more angst and bred more hatred between members of both the gay and straight communities. BOTH sides have fired arrows of ignorance, BOTH sides have ignited flames of hate, BOTH sides have only set back the cause of peace.

To those who say that homosexuality is gross: Grow up! I’m positive there are things that you do that others find repulsive, but you are not condemned because of it. And if you are, be sympathetic to those who are also condemned.

To those who say that gay relationships are not “Canon” and have no place in the Star Wars universe: Unless your name is George Lucas, you really can’t say what IS and what ISN’T part of the Star Wars universe… ya know that HE created. Just like followers of deities that think they know what their gods/goddesses think. You did not create Star Wars, you did not create the world, you are one person with one set of OPINIONS.

To those who say that this conflicts with their religious beliefs: If you are so opposed to homosexuality and know that your deity thinks of it as unwholesome, you should not be playing this game. Killing people in a video game isn’t exactly a beacon of goodness and an example of how to live one’s life. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…

To those whose children plan on playing: A video game with gay characters is the least of your worries if you are trying to protect your children from the big bad world. Don’t let them play if you think it will warp their morality. Better not let them step outside while you’re at it, who knows what kind of things they’ll see out there.

Sorry, that was rude and sarcastic, but surely you get my point.

I once believed that the gaming community, despite it’s few bad eggs, was one of the most accepting and friendly groups of people. I saw videos of people at conventions and they were all there smiling and having fun, united by a common interest. Maybe there are a lot more good eggs who are less active on the forums, who don’t hate things that are different or contrary to their way of thinking. I can only hope.

I know that I am not the shining example of peace and acceptance, but I am willing to consider the idea of difference and not meet it will full opposition. I was fine with only heterosexual romance options and kept quiet about it. I never do romancing on my main characters anyway. They are typically a reflection of myself and I don’t particularly care to engage in a real life relationship.

When next you think of writing something hateful to someone different about something you don’t agree on, don’t. And if you are unable to resist the opportunity to write, make it something constructive, informative, or positive. If you manage all three, then good on you for educating without insult.

We are human, we will always disagree about one thing or another.

Can we not do so peaceably?