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Okay so I finally got off my ass today and set up a podbean and iTunes podcast feed. As of right now (2:38pm CST) the show has not yet been approved on iTunes. Don’t panic, the show is still available to listen to and to DL via the widget in the sidebar. I’m a hardcore procrastinator, but it’s done. Yay!

Now for the show summary. With each episode, there will be a corresponding post that gives a rundown of what we touched on in the episode. In this case, episode one.

We had no guest this week seeing as how it was our first episode. Lance and I give a quick bio, just so you know who we are and what we’re about in general.

We discussed the Friday Update which gave us a Developer Dispatch and a rundown of some recent changes to companions. The Dev Dispatch was a rather lengthy video that, unlike the past videos, did not look quickly put together and featured commentary from multiple developers. A very refreshing update.

We also covered the highly controversial (well a few weeks ago) topic of Same Gender Romance Arcs (SGRAs). Being gay ourselves, it was a welcome announcement. Even thought the feature won’t be in at launch, it’s nice to know that BioWare is working on it.

The release date was also announced!!! We talked about that and how nonchalant the actual announcement was. Like seriously guys, at least try to fake a smile when you give the news. If you want to watch the train wreck, click here. Warning, it’s worse than an all-Elcor cast performing Hamlet.

That was it for this week’s episode. Pretty simple for the episode one. We did not have a guest this week, but we will have one next week. We’ll most likely have a guest every week or do one week of each month with just the two of us. Still a hatching show so a few more details to hammer out.

The Pink Side of The Force airs on Fridays at 7:00pm EST on Bootleg Radio. If you can’t catch the show at it’s air time, it will be available to listen to from the site via link in the sidebar. You can also download the show to your computer by opening said link and using the Right-click > Save as function.

Stay Cute!