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This week we had our first guest on PSTF. It was none other that the illustrious man himself, Brehon – co-creator and owner of Bootleg Radio!  We had a great time going WAY off topic with him.  There’s a little bit of SW:TOR discussion sandwiched between discussions on alcohol, awkward stares, etc.

The Rundown:

We start off with the general intro of the show, complaints of lack of sleep, and the intro of our guest (Brehon).  Not only does Brehon give us some insight/background on both himself and Bootleg Radio, he also gives us (PSTF) some love/recognition on our first episode.

We start off by giving Niq shit for complaining about his 6 hours of sleep, considering that both Brehon and myself got MUCH less than that.

After said “shit giving” we begin the show on topic by discussing Friday’s update (09/30/11) and how awesome it was that they FINALLY updated the last link/button on the SW:TOR website.  Not to mention that the galaxy map/ship information was graphically pleasing.  Some of us, however just looked at it as filler.

[Insert awkward staring here.]

After the discussion of the Friday update we begin to get a little off topic and discuss alcohol in general, Brehon and Lance’s mutual love of sake bombs, followed with a short story from Brehon about a certain sake bomb drinking event.

Brehon and Niq then discuss PVP and their WoW PVP experience while Lance takes a backseat, as he isn’t much into PVP at this juncture.

There you have it.  Episode II in the bag.  Thanks for sticking with us thus far.  This episode was TONS of fun to do.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Don’t forget that The Pink Side of The Force airs Fridays at 7:00PM EST on Bootleg Radio.

P.S. Episode 2 may not be available on iTunes this week dues to hosting issues. You can still DL the show from the link to the left and add it to your iTunes library manually. Just open up the audio link and right-click > Save as to your PC then add it it iTunes. I apologize for the inconvenience. It was a rather long episode this week and our current hosting (free) doesn’t not allow for such large file sizes.     ~Niq