Three episodes, thus marks the end of the star-wars-first-3-movies-are-kind-of-boo-but-4,5,6-will-be-better-even-in-this-case-where-they-weren’t-released-first phenomenon.

This week we brought another Bootlegger onto the show. Brehon’s flogging boy and right-hand man, Brennan. Who was surprisingly not as grumpy as I thought he’d be at 10am, which is when we record the show…at 10 f*cking AM. Damn Lance’s weird-ass schedule!

This week we got part 2 of the Companions update, explaining the AI system and how companions will function in a group. It wasn’t truly interesting for some. I know I can rest easy knowing that I won’t have to micromanage my Companion vs. “Khem, you go tank that thing nao!”

There was also a ballin’ video, the first of four I hope. Jedi Knight vs. Bounty Hunter. Nerds go head to head on who they think would win. Good points on both sides, but we all know it’s the player behind the screen that determines the winner, not the class.

There was a bit of a blunder this week that was my bad. The links in the sidebar were not working. I got some emails, mostly unangry, about it. The problem was identified and rectified so yay!

A good week overall. Could have been worse (Fan Friday) so thank goodness for that!

In un-related news, I was also on this week’s TOR Syndicate and Nothing but TOR podcasts, promoting the show and being a diva!

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