There hasn’t been any feedback so far on the obscure episode names so I’m going to take a moment to explain the method to my madness.

Other podcasts give their episodes titles that are relevant to the corresponding episode. For example: Nothing but TOR’s Episode 13 was titled “Pink Syndicate” because the guests were Virtek from TOR Syndicate and myself from Pink Side of The Force. Another example would be TOR Syndicate’s Episode 37, titled Pink Bleepity Bleep. Again, starring yours truly (Pink) and Dahaka from Nothing Gaming who is known to swear, hence the bleeps.

None of that clever shit here!

The names of the episodes are only obscure to anyone who isn’t Lance, myself, or the guest for that episode. Allow me to bring you into the super secret episode naming circle for a moment…

Episode IV was named CoC-Blocked because, during a break (which is when I get the material for the episode title, generally) Aggie, the guest, told us 2 stories. The first was about a guild she was in that was initialed CoC, the second was about her getting cock-blocked (well, the lady version) at a party. CoC + Blocked = Obscure Title that gives a little laugh.

So, if you weren’t in mumble during the recording, or never heard these stories, you’d just think we were just plain crazy.

I’m probably not going to give the scoop on future episode titles, but just wanted you to know why we do it the way we do it. We’re just nutty like that.