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This week on PSTF we put another notch in our belt and bedpost by adding the ASTONISHING Aggie to our list of guest stars.  Aggie is a columnist over at TORWars.com.  I would also like to add that she’s our favorite columnist from TORWars.  The accent alone is worth a listen!

The Rundown:

At the beginning there’s some light Lance bashing, being that I haven’t finished playing either Mass Effect games.  After that we discuss NYCC and how none of us was able to attend, and then onto a slight debate about games going free-to-play.

We then delve into what Aggie does over at TORWars and what classes in TOR she’s looking forward to playing.  Trust me… there’s a lot.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as there are a lot of us out there with the dreaded “alt-itis”.

After the first break we come back to Niq ranting about the “launch beard” phenomena (lumberjacks), Niq’s obsession with a certain senior community coordinator, my interest in Dallas Dickinson’s beard, and my “gay card” being revoked.

We FINALLY get into some ON TOPIC TOR news (for a few seconds, anyway), starting off with the Slightly Global Launch Date, which then nicely transitions us into talking about Aggie’s boyfriend (Arkayed), and then back on topic discussing the “Signs of War” video.

We’re graced by a phone call from Niq’s aunt Brenda.  “Why is the phone ringing?!?!” HILARIOUS! Then back to TOR and discussing “racials” not dictating class choice (I was quite confused by this), and meat beards. Yeah… meat beards. Some light surname discussion and then onto break number 2.

Finally, we jump into Niq’s game show “Whose On Top?”, and we have a special guest for the game.  It’s none other than Aggie’s hot Canadian boyfriend, Arkayde. BTW I think that Niq purposely takes whatever answer I give and makes it the wrong answer.  Not that I’m debating…

And with that we bring Episode IV to a close.  What you should take away from this episode is that Aggie=AWESOME!

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