So Lance and I got to talking the other night about the show, specifically our time slot. Airing on Fridays in the evening was just really impractical because it’s kind of late in the week and everyone will have already absorbed the new Friday news.

Now, we know that Friday updates will most likely cease after launch or at least become less frequent so airing on Friday wouldn’t matter much post-launch. But thinking ahead, most of our demographic (people who are awesome) will generally have Friday night plans (most likely to go be awesome) so airing midweek should allow more people to be able to tune in “live”.

The new slot we’ve decided to go with is Wednesdays at 8:00pm EST. A little later in the evening, but earlier in the week. This earlier time means that news will be more current/relevant and will be available for download sooner. So everyone benefits.

About iTunes and the site, I am still working to get some quick cash to get a proper hosting for both, as well as my personal blog. As you may know, I work seasonally at a garden so when the season is slow, my income is also slow so I’m really just coasting at this point, but some surplus may be coming in soon.

That’s just some of what’s going on behind the scenes here on the pink side. Lots of fun ideas for the future to make the show a little more “gay”…

Again, starting October 26, 2011 we’ll be airing at 8:00pm EST on Bootleg Radio so be sure to tune in or download the shows same day from the sidebar (until we get iTunes back up).

Stay Cute!