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Preface: This post is late because WordPress has been being a real bitch and a half to me as of late. Internal issues with the word processing part being wonky, think it’s fixed now.

Heyyy, there was all kinds of new stuff this week.

  • New Intro music. Same song (S&M) but it’s the Rihanna and Britney remix. Lance is Rihanna and I am Britney, obvi.
  • Background music/noise included. Will most likely do so for every episode.
  • 2 Guests instead of one, WHOOOAAAH!
  • Added a “Donate” button against my moral code, but shit ain’t cute.

So this week our halls were graced by Dahaka and Cloud of the Nothing but TOR Podcast/Nothing Gaming Guild. Which, by the way, is where Niq now calls home.

Another low-sleep episode, this one was not as bad as Episode II. We actually recorded in the evening for once so I was able to sneak in a little nap in the middle of the day. Don’t you just love Sundays?Turns out Niq does all the work and Lance is the talent.

Just a few things on the agenda this week. We talked about the Fan Friday, something we hadn’t seen in a while, which featured no blue OR macaroni Twi’lek FOR SHAME!! It falls on me now to make this happen!

We were surprisingly on-topic this episode as opposed to previous ones. Mass Effect was brought up, but that hardly counts as it is a BioWare game and therefore sort of relevant. Can you believe Lance STILL hasn’t played though? What a n00b!!

Still waiting on my damn SI armor progression video…