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This week on PSTF we stop the podcast/fan site incest (for this week, anyway) with this week’s guest, Javier.  Javier is a fan and listener of the show that contacted us a while ago, and we thought that it would be a good idea to have him on to share his views and concerns about SWTOR.

Javier informs us which side he’s planning to play, and whether or not he’ll choose light side or dark side.  He’ll be playing a Sith Inquisitor/dark side.  I call Niq out when he says that he’s all about the dark side, when he has told me before that he’ll more than likely play light side.  Niq admits that this is true and calls himself a “pansy” before I can. (Damn it!)

I find out that I have a friend in Javier when it comes to server type, as he will be playing on a PvE server like yours truly! 😉  Niq gives us both a little bit of shit, as he’s rolling his main toon on a PvP server.

We go into this week’s Friday Update, discussing the upcoming Revan novel, guild launch Phase 3: Deployment, and then the Imperial Agent character progression video. After that I jump on my soapbox and make my irritation known when it comes to “those people” who bitch and moan about the production of the development videos, thinking that this takes TONS of people away from putting the finishing touches on SWTOR.

We learn that Niq doesn’t know what the word “subtle” means.  Sending Niq a message to get him to ask you something = he’s gonna call you out on the podcast instead of just trying to naturally swing the conversation in the proper direction.  This week’s EPIC FAIL Award goes to MASTER OF THE SEGUE… NIQ!

Quick weekly rundown:

My XBox account was HACKED! This means I STILL won’t be playing Mass Effect 1 and 2.  Also, Niq was on Galactic Underground and I had an OUTSTANDING date on Saturday.

Thanks again to Javier for joining us on PSTF!  We had a great time.  Can’t wait to have more fans on!

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