So, friggin’ awesome news! Lance and I are in the TOR beta! YAY!!

And Episode VII will have not one, not two, not pink, but ALL THREE of the ladies from Corellian Run Radio. Kathy, Carla, and Roxanne! Three of the coolest chicks in TOR. So excited to have them on… there will be much queening out. #ShamelessQueensAreShameless

So yeah, it’s been a f*cking awesome week for Lance and I. Stay tuned and be sure to  catch the show every Wednesday at 8:00pm EST on Bootleg Radio Station. Except for last week due to human error, Dave.

If you can’t listen in, the show is always available for download in the sidebar on Wednesdays. I usually ninja update it about an hour or so before it airs “live” on Bootleg.