We’re back… from outer space.

Outer space = holiday week happenings. It’s back to “the old days” of just Niq and Lance doin’ their thang together. In a non sexual way.

It’s so good to be back, we’ve only skipped 2 episodes so far and it feels terrible when it happens. Site traffic goes down, boredom sets in, people forget my name. Absolute anarchy!

We did talk about beta.. a lot. Lance and I were quite stoked about this episode because of the NDA lift. He because he could talk about whatever and I because I wouldn’t have to edit slip-ups. We all win!!

So obviously this is a “spoiler” episode. If you don’t want to spoil anything for yourself… don’t listen. I’d suggest dancing around for an hour. It brings the same happy feeling AND gets you some cardio work. Yay Zumba!

Episodes are probably going to be switching from the roman numeral format (just in the side bar) because the links will not register them according to “rating” instead it does it alphabetically… which sucks!

Also, a new little tradition. Now, before an episode goes live (because I have to put something in the URL box for it to appear), I’m going to just post a youtube link to a good dance-y song. Can you tell I like to dance yet?