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Lies, douche-baggery, penis size… All these things and more discussed in this week’s episode of PSTF! We’re also joined by one of my new fave Canadians… KEISH, from Nothing Gaming and the Nothing But TOR podcast.

The Rundown:

Keish calls me a douche in a roundabout way because of my CE pre-order. We discuss color crystals, the new peripherals coming out for SW:TOR, “symbology” – whether or not it’s a real word… the end of testing, and how much I should have blown off a party to do the NBT podcast and join in for the “End of Beta”.  I should have blown off the party 😦

We do stay on topic for a little while, but I know you stay with us for the banter and the off topic shtick.

So basically… I ask Keish if she’ll be my “in game” gf, Niq and Keish talk about pwning while healing, Niq and I faux-argue, I tease Niq… or is it “Ken“? I’m confused.  You won’t be confused if you listen to this episode!



Niq and Lance are Keish’s queer bodyguards. Back off or get cut, BITCH!!!


Don’t forget that The Pink Side of The Force airs Wednesdays at 8:00PM EST on Bootleg Radio.