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First, I want to ‘pologize for the lack of updates/rundowns on the site.  Personal stuff and then I just got lazy… It’s winter… that’s what happens when it’s cold outside. But anyway…

This episode marks the LAST episode that Niq and I will ever do together, AGAIN!  Relax all you 10s of listeners out there 😉 All this means is that we’re going to be adding a third host to the show, Chris.  Whom I’ve dubbed “English Toffee”.  But I digress…

The Rundown:

This week is another laid back episode of PSTF with your PQs (Plaza Queens) Niq and Lance (and Lance’s wine).  We discuss Niq’s EPIC drop, my new iPhone, whether or not if salad is an appetizer… (It’s not, Niq!).

After the break (which we totally record, and will soon be posting on the site as a PSTF Exclusive!) Niq blesses our ears with some news.  He’s FINALLY MOVING! For real this time (Some place called Golden Showers or On Golden Pond…).

We are also graced by an impromptu guest, Tristin from TOR-Junkie!

We pick Tristin’s brain about what he’s doing in game and how he’s enjoying the content thus far.  Turns out he has “alt-itis” like yours truly.  We touch on some crew skills, which leads into a new segment of the show: “Lance’s Grievances”.

“Lance’s Grievances” this week encompasses Crew Skills, Speeder License cost (again), and then a little something to do with Galactic Underground.  Brehon, I’m speaking to you 😉

After our second break (again, you can listen to it on our site) I admit to my wine drinking and we discuss the “Founder Title” for a second.  Then we get WAY OFF TOPIC and discuss Neal Patrick Harris (hot!), OneRepublic (WTF is ‘pologize?!?!), Niq telling me I need to record myself singing (I’m shy)… This is when the show COMPLETELY DERAILS (unlike the space missions in SW:TOR). See what I did there? brought it back to to TOR 😉 I’m crafty like that!

At the end we wrap it up all emotional-like by saying goodbye to the 2 man show and hello to the 3 man show. Then we stop recording and head off to level our toons on Vulkar Highway!

Niq, it’s been quite a ride! It only gets better from here, sir!

Thanks again to Tristin from TOR-Junkie for being such a good sport and jumping in to the guest spot ever so eloquently.  Can’t wait to be on your show!  I may even drink some vodka and root beer that night… (vomit!)

Don’t forget that The Pink Side of The Force airs Wednesdays at 8:00PM EST on Bootleg Radio.