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What’s that?  A new theme song?  That’s right, kiddies!  Out with the old and in with the new (and slightly younger than Lance).  That would be our new host, CHRIS! 🙂

This episode marks the beginning of a new era for PSTF!  More laughs, more banter, more getting off topic, and more explicit content… What’s not to love? 😀


The Rundown:

This week we kick off the episode with Niq trying to decide which of the Three Amigos he is and we introduce the NKOTB, Chris!

After the introduction Niq states that he’d like to visit the “British Isles” one day due to the fact that he hears it’s rainy and “Twilight weather“.  It’s at this time that Niq and Chris poke fun at me for being in my EARLY 30s. Whatever, bitches! 😛

We discuss our “secret alts” and Chris’s CRAZY leveling skills, as at the time he was only up to level 2.  The three of us are playing as Imperial toons on a PVP server (I’m squishy :().  Leveling up together is FUN, though! 😀

There was a brief discussion of c-sections, breast feeding, and homosexual purity (contradiction in terms?)… and then onto world PVP, or lack there of.  I bow down to Niq’s gaming skills… although he has a Naga gaming mouse.  CHEATER!

After the first break (I know, I know… they aren’t up yet, but SOON!) Niq and I begin to argue and then OUT OF NOWHERE the “host of reason” makes us go back to our corners.  It was less of a boxing match and more of a pillow fight.

Chris takes a shot at the American accent (budder), Niq tries to learn a little bit about the English way of life (tea time), and Chris brings it back on topic for a bit by asking what Niq has been up to in game.

Next we discuss SW:TOR sending out emails when you reach level 10 or when you haven’t played the game for a couple of weeks.  This transitions us into talking about “toffee” and how it may have come about (mmm… English Toffee Popcorn!).

After the food talk, discovering the word of the day (traverse), plugging TOR-Junkie yet again, and comparing male/English and female/American Siri‘s along with Niq’s “gay time”, we delve into “Lance’s Grievances” (we really need a jingle for this…).

The grievances this week include:

– PVP servers CONTINUOUSLY informing you that you’re about to log into a PVP server that you CLEARLY have toons on?  Makes no sense to me!

– The game catering SPECIFICALLY to adolescent straight males.  Yeah, I get it… they want the game to succeed, but they should cater to EVERYONE, not just one group. I want a fat chick toon!

– Voice acting.  Um… didn’t you spend a TON of time on the voice acting?  Didn’t you promote the fact that this is a FULLY VOICED MMO?!?! Then why oh why does Mako MEOW at me?  “You’re gonna get it, MEOW!”  How about “Now you’re gonna get it!”  That sounds MUCH better.

After coming back from the second break we discuss “titillating”, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Allyson Hannigan), our possible decrease in listener-ship, part 2 of SRGGS and how awesome it is, rail shots, Chris gives us a random Twitter term,  I divulge that I have a crush on a former podcaster (Musco), and we bring this train wreck… er EPISODE… I meant episode… to an end.


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