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I know, I KNOW!  I’m late.  Click here for an apology.

No Chris on this episode of PSTF. 😦  He was a tad under the weather.  But we rolled with the punches.  (Is that anything like rollin’ in the deep?)  We had a VERY SPECIAL guest host.  ROXANNE 😀 😀 😀 (formerly of Corellian Run Radio)!

The Rundown:

We start off the episode with Niq complementing me on my intro skills! Thanks Niq! 😀 Roxanne begins telling us about she and a friend’s adventure in trying to find the Mass Effect 3 copies that were sent out via some sort of balloon apparatus, which leads into Roxanne telling us that she pre-ordered the Mass Effect 3 “Collector’s Edition” and me bringing up “Philosophical Stand Island”.  That’s right ladies and gents, I remember EVERYTHING!

There’s a brief discussion of me trying to get my (then) boyfriend to play Bioware titles (I have tons!).  After that we begin to beat a dead horse (Why would you beat a dead horse?) bringing up the topic of the “Collector’s Edition” of SW:TOR and the lackluster CE store.  From there we start hitting on the rate at which you level in TOR and how easy it is to out level your quests.

We discuss KOTOR IIKreia and her one handed indecisiveness, Nar Shaddaa and how awesome it was in KOTOR II as opposed to the TOR version (meh).  You also get Kira… er wait… Mira… riiiight. Mira the bounty hunter on Nar Shaddaa.

Niq and Roxanne discuss Golden Eye for N64 (phallic shaped controllers? What?), which I never played.  Hence the reason I don’t say much during this part of the show.  Maybe I should get the 360 version and see what the big hub bub is all about…

After the first break we talk about diaries/journals briefly, and then on to some TOR-related news.  Niq  brings up end game frustrations, and we discuss the latest patch 1.1.4.

There’s a quick mention of 2/22 being one of the BEST days out of the ENTIRE year… you know George Washington, Drew Barrymore… (cough, cough… Lance! cough, cough…)

Sunny’s Diner is brought up and the fact that I didn’t know that they had left Bootleg Radio but a part of the MER collective.  (Kudos gentlemen!)  Then Niq and I discuss the episode of TOR-Junkie that we were on and what a HOT ASS MESS (HAM) yours truly was.  Damn wine!  I had a blast on that show… maybe too much of a good time.

Alan Tudyc (HOT!) is mentioned, the movie Suburbia (AWESOME!), and Roxanne was drinking scotch (No she wasn’t. Was she? I don’t know. Wasn’t she?)

After the second break Roxanne brings our jovial mood to a SCREECHING halt with the news of one Jennifer Hepler and how asshole-ish gamers can be, and how entitled these punks (not all gamers, just the douche bags that harped on Hepler for giving her opinion) believe that they are.  I actually agree with her statement.  I think that that would be an awesome option if you were just interested mainly in the story aspect of a game.  I’ve played a few games in my day that I didn’t necessarily want to “play” so much as “watch” and see how they game/story plays out.

Thanks to our new hard-hitting news anchorperson, Roxanne (last name: Corellian Run) for this update from the gamer community.  We #Heart you, Roxy!  You’re welcomed back anytime! 😀

And with that we bring to a close another episode of PSTF!  Thanks again to Roxanne for being such an “awesome” guest host!

Thanks for listening and reading!  See you next time!

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