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“I’m not talkin’ LaGuardia. I want runway. STOMP!” 😀 

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(Definition of “hunty“)

Hey there gang!

FIRST THINGS FIRST!!! The intro to this episode was ALL Niq.  I mean it was my blooper, but Niq had the bright idea of turning it into our intro due to the fact that we hadn’t recorded one when we were done with the recording of the episode.

So – KUDOS to Niq for highlighting my hilarity!  :p This one’s for you, sir!

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SHOUT OUT TO THE MAG7… NOW the MAG8… not to be confused with maggots. LOL!

The Rundown:

In this episode we rehash the fact that we’re not a “S-dub-TOR-centric” podcast.  We (Niq) discuss ME3 (Mass Effect 3), D3 (Diablo 3), BAC (Batman: Arkham City) re-release, S-dub-TOR (Lance), GW2 (Guild Wars 2), and much, MUCH more.

There’s an impromptu phone call that’s GAME RELATED!!! Totally relevant to the show!  LOL! 😀 (Thinking we should do this more often, but PLANNED!)

We also discuss what visual entertainment we’ve been partaking in <— Movies/TV shows

OH! OH! I’m in a band!  Well… I’m in a potential band.

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Also – sorry for the typing later on in the episode.  I need a quieter keyboard.  😦  Or perhaps a really loud one! 😀  I have it picked out.

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BTW!!! Our broadcast time has CHANGED!  It is once again BACK on FRIDAYS @ 8PM on Bootleg Radio!

P.S.(TF) <— See what I did there? :p

1-800-PINKSIDEFORCE is a REAL NUMBER!!!  It’s not us/ours.  It’s an accounting firm! LMAO!!!  Call it.  I dare ya! Or

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Thanks for listening and reading!  See you next time!

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