I know, Lance and I have been incredibly absent and we’re sorry. SO I’ve decided to actually do something about it.

As you may know, I have a personal gaming blog that I often rant on but not always what I’d want to. After all, I would like to keep some of my life private from my readers. 99% of them are there to read about warcraft and don’t really want to read my random pissy queen rants so guess what?

Well they’re not all going to be pissy or queeny, but they shall be rantageous. We’ll start off slow since I’m not very good at getting all worked up on the spot, but I’ll try to rewind a few hours ago…

So we all probably trim our jungles (or not, I’ve been known to let things get wild once in a while) and electric trimmers are amazing. I use and electric trimmer to get an even length and then a regular shaving blade for my more curvaceous areas (inner thighs and sack). Antyway, I was doing some trimming today after like 2 MONTHS of letting things go crazy.

Wouldn’t this be awesome and creepy at the same time?

I might have actually left it but I caught of whiff of what I smell like after not showering for a day. It was not an enjoyable scent. Not that it was puke-inducing, just not at all what I’d want to smell like should Kevin McKidd just show up at my door wanting to have some fun. I wouldn’t want to repulse my highland hunk in any way!

Anywhoodle, I was doing my business and, I guess since it’d been so long, I grabbed the wrong sized guard because when I made the first pass (which is usually right up the middle, from the base of my d*** to the start of my faint treasure trail) I noticed that it was shorter than I’d wanted. FUUUUUUUUU!

This has happened to me a couple of times now, I misjudge the guard and go too short. It’s not so terrible because it just means I can go a little longer without manscaping, but GODS it is awful for the right-now.

I’m not a huge fan of super short pubic hair and even less of a fan of none at all. It works for some guys, but I’d prefer there to be a little somethin’-somethin’. It’s more natural-looking and can be ultra fun to play with. In my opinion (not that it matters) uncut guys seem to look better with short/no hair and cut guys look better with a little thicker bush. Not sure why.

I had considered just shaving it all and just enjoying the added no-maintenance time, but I decided to leave it. I’ve never had a really good full on shaved experience which might be why I’m kind of biased against no hair. If it doesn’t look good on me, it shouldn’t look good on anyone! /pout. I always cut myself at least once and since I’m mostly in a rush when shaving, I tend to over do it and I get some irritating red bump action.

I’m cut so I’ll just stick to keeping a tamed jungle. I’m going to just put all the other guards under my sink and keep the one size in the box with my trimmer. Make sure this shit doesn’t happen again.

That was kind of ranty wasn’t it? Like I said, I’m not good at conjuring rants on queue, hence why these kinds of posts will have no schedule (also die to the fact that I am a horrible procrastinator and can only seem to do things spontaneously).

Have you ever had a bush blunder? What’s your preferred style for your own nether regions? Leave a comment and let us know, if you dare!